Douglas Morrison, BSc, MD, DOHS

Douglas Morrison, BSc, MD, DOHS

Is a skilled analyst and administrator in the burgeoning field of Integrated Health Management. Recognized by both government and industry as an expert in Occupational Medicine, he has spent many years establishing and managing medical services for organizations of all sizes.

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Subsequent to his practice as a Family Physician, Doug has been fully employed as a Consultant Physician to private industry and government since 1984. Over the years he has instructed physicians, nurses and managers in Assessment Skills and Occupational Health, reorganized medical departments, established rehabilitation programs, designed wellness programs for organizations of up to 9,000 employees, and represented businesses at both association and government levels.

He has served as a member on the Advisory Council to the Minister of Labour on Occupational Health and Occupational Safety, and participated in the preparation of briefs related to legislation, regulations, and standards of medical practice. Doug brings a wealth of expertise and experience in Health Management to Donro Management Services.