Patricia Boyko, BA, LLB, CFP

Patricia Boyko, BA, LLB, CFP

I have been a Certified Financial Planner since 1998, earning that qualification the same year I completed the Canadian Securities Course and obtained my Life Insurance Licence. Since then I have been helping my clients through DONRO Financial to build secure financial futures for themselves and their families.

Before I embarked upon my career as a Certified Financial Planner, I practiced Family Law for 13 years as a lawyer in St. Catharines. I came to law from a Brock University degree in Psychology. Then, as now, I have derived my chief satisfaction from working with people, helping them decide where they want to go in life, and then helping them get there.

As a Family Law Lawyer I often thought that if the separated or divorcing couple had been able to develop a realistic financial plan to underpin the hopes they had for themselves as newly weds that they and their children would still be living together in harmony.

In Family Law the lawyers are like the tow trucks cleaning up after the wreck has already happened. I saw in Financial Planning a means to help couples manage their resources so as to succeed as a family and avoid the wreckage that results from the haphazard approach to money that can all too often lead first to financial problems and then to marital disasters.

I’m happy to say that my career as a Certified Financial Planner has brought a great deal of satisfaction not just to me, but most importantly to my DONRO clients.

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