Benefits and Pension Consulting

Benefits and Pension Consulting

Why not have a financial planning firm assist you with your investment decisions.

DONRO Financial’s Benefits and Pension consultants can appraise your business’s benefits structure, ascertain any weaknesses and recommend areas of improvement. They will provide advice and assistance in the design and administration of group insurance and pension plans for your employees that are appropriate to your unique situation.

Group Insurance

Our extensive experience in the implementation of many types of employee Group Insurance plans will ensure that the coverage within the plan(s), which you sponsor, will be effective and competitive. Our knowledge of design, cost and premium trends included in other plans and within the insurance industry will assist you in determining the appropriate levels of coverage for: Life, AD&D, Short- and Long-Term Disability, Dental, Vision and Extended Health Insurance. We will help you determine whether the services provided by your present insurance carrier are as efficient and cost-competitive as possible, and help you select a replacement carrier if necessary.

For your retired employees, our consultants will advise you on developing coverage which is appropriate to their needs and your means, over time. Coverage for a growing number of retirees is expensive and must have the same vigorous cost control as for your active employees. We can also aid in calculations of appropriate accruals for Post-Retirement Benefits.

Pension Plans

Our experience and technical expertise in this area ensure that your plan(s) will be actuarially sound, in compliance with Federal and Provincial regulation, and cost-effective. Our experts will help you design and establish retirement arrangements for your employees, including senior management, particularly if the situation indicates wind-up or conversion of your present plans to alternative forms, such as from defined benefit to defined contribution.

We will help you select additional or replacement investment counsel, with the best possible administrative and reporting practices, to improve net returns for your pension fund portfolio. As well, our alliance with a major international actuarial consulting firm enables us to secure prompt, comprehensive and cost-competitive actuarial services for your organization.

Once these essential elements have been designed and set into motion, we customarily provide assistance in the design and presentation of employee communication material, including a comprehensive Benefits Booklet and the required annual employee statements, assuring the circulation of proper coverage information to all staff.

This thorough and well-defined service stays on the leading edge of Benefits and Pension planning. It should be an integral part of your organization’s total financial blueprint.