Professional Financial Planning

Professional Financial Planning

Rapid and complex alterations in the fabric of our society are challenging our concepts of financial planning. ‘Restructuring’, re-engineering’ and ‘globalization’ have become the current buzz-words, and ‘job security’ and ‘retirement security’ are unfortunately becoming disappearing concepts.

Into this variable climate, DONRO Financial brings fresh progressive ideas based on sound strategy, flexibility, and long-range vision. We are a full-service company built on the principle of assisting clients to develop the portfolio most appropriate to their individual needs. Through a selected network of responsible financial institutions we offer a broad range of options; and with the far-reaching expertise of our staff we can provide guidance in all aspects of financial planning. Utilizing a brokerage approach, we formulate the best package for the client in three basic steps:

We listen – We review with the client their current programs and operations, their goals and objectives, their needs. This step is perhaps the most crucial part of the process. It requires foregoing the day-to-day approach most of us use and focusing on short- and long-term goals. Our financial consultants will help the client compile a complete current and future financial picture, addressing the areas of net worth, cash flow, investments, insurance and retirement planning, and death/disability provisions. They contribute two critical components: expert knowledge of the market, and an objective, informed perspective.

We evaluate the options – Our combined experience of over 100 years of financial planning, in all areas of both personal and corporate business management, truly benefits our clients at this stage. We evaluate all risk and savings vehicles as they apply to current and future needs, as well as any tax implications. A market survey may be used to determine possible lowered costs and increased investment performance. We help sift through the broad range of options to meet the strategic objective.

We advise and implement -Integrating all aspects of the situation, our consultants assess any deficiencies in the client’s current financial plan and recommend the optimum practical solution to attain the desired goals. Our planners then provide their most valuable skill: the coordination and implementation of all elements of the client’s well-designed plan. We access our network of suppliers for cost savings, improved benefits and service – all at lower rates because we shop the marketplace and are organized to reduce overhead.

And after we establish a working agenda, we remain in active contact, through regular follow-up and service, offering seminars and assistance in negotiations, and providing special consulting with access to legal and actuarial aid when necessary. Your financial plan will be reviewed periodically in light of economic developments and new opportunities.

In summary, a good financial consultant will clarify your present financial situation and chart a comprehensive and realistic plan for the future. See what our team can do for you.